Who would have thought it’s been over a year since Leichhardt, Marrickville & Ashfield councils were forced to amalgamate. According to the census last year the #innerwestcouncil covers 35 square kilometres and has 182,043 people in it, which if my calculator is to be relied upon is 5201 people per square kilometre. Compare that to the New York borough of Manhattan of 65,600 people per square kilometer or Oberon Shire Council way west of Sydney 1.44 people per kilometer. What does that tell us about the inner west council and demographics in general, not much, but its kind of interesting.

Since May last year Richard Pearson has been the administrator and he has been telling us he is listening to our fears and concerns about West Connex, Amalgamation of the councils, Smoke Stacks, Traffic congestion, our rubbish removal, trees, development applications the list goes on. BUT come the 9th September we get a crack at electing some our own councillors.  As you can see from the map above the council will be split up into the 5 Wards of Ashfield, Balmain, Leichhardt, Marrickville & Stanmore so once all the votes are counted we will have 3 elected councillors in each ward a total of 15 including the mayor. They are elected for 4 years so make sure you get out there and vote, 4 years is long time between drinks. The joining of the three councils has caused many debates and caused much anguish. I only hope that the end result will on balance be a positive one for us all.

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