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The State Government believes we have a gap in Sydney between Low Density Housing and High Density Housing. Late last year the then Planning Minister Rob Stokes put out a Medium Density Design Guide. In essence it is a document that allows medium density housing to go ahead under a “Comply and Consent” whereby a Design Verification Statement is prepared by the developer which must address all of the design principals and control measures. The assessment is then done by either council or a private certifier. Then provided the site meets all of the design and planning controls it is approved.


In order for this comply and development document to take effect the individual councils will have to adopt these guides and at this stage the Inner West Council has said “There is merit in increased use of comply and development” but was sceptical of the measures proposed. Sydney is seeing its population grow by approximately 100,000 people every year last year we built 30,000 new dwellings the highest number since the 2000 Sydney Olympics. At this rate something has to give either more dwellings or less people arriving in Sydney. It is also unlikely property prices will drop until an equilibrium is found.

Watch this base as the State Government attempts to sell this medium density dream to councils who are wary about relinquishing more of their power to a State Government initiative aimed at allowing developers more flexibility and assurance when purchasing and developing under this proposed code.

Draft NSW Planning Document

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